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What you’ve always known intuitively is now confirmed by research:  an outdated website is bad for your business. Research shows that 97% of those surveyed indicated a company’s website influenced their purchasing decisions.   Considering that updating your website is easy and inexpensive, why wouldn’t you start now?  Just contact us and we’ll get started right away.

Your website is the most powerful tool in your marketing kit. It is the place people go to learn more about your company and your services.  It also has a huge impact on purchase decisions.   In fact, only 3% of 200 buyers surveyed – from companies of all sizes – say a provider’s website has no influence whatsoever over their purchase decision.

A survey conducted by included more than 200 buyers (responsible for more than $1.7 billion in professional services purchasing power) from fields such as accounting and financial consulting; architecture, engineering, and construction services; human resources consulting; IT consulting and services; legal services; management consulting; marketing, advertising, and public relations; and training services.

The influence of a quality website on purchasing decisions increased significantly since the prior year study conducted four years earlier.  According to the survey, 74% of buyers report that a company’s website holds at least “some influence” over their ultimate decision to buy services from the company. This is 23 percentage points higher than in 2005.

It’s clear that any successfull business must take advantage of this power. With well-designed websites you can:

  • Establish that you are professional: through professional graphics, photography, writing, and arrangement of content.
  • Establish that you are worthy of consideration: through an overview of your services, your client list, biographies of your employees, and case studies that show how you’ve helped clients.
  • Establish yourself as an authority: through blog posts, publications, videos, etc. to build the credibility,  and reliability necessary to win-over prospective customers.

Are you ready to leverage a great web site to build your business?  Just contact us to get started.

Research Source:
How Clients Buy: 2009 Benchmark Report on Professional Services Marketing and Selling from the Client Perspective


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