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What Every Marketer Should Know About The Nonconscious

Rocket scientists study rockets.  Marketers should study humans!

A fascinating video about consumer behavior.  Learn what really motivates people to buy your products/services.

From the site:

”  …. the acclaimed author of “Spent” and “Mating Minds”, as well as a psychology professor at NYU’s Stearn School of Business, Geoffrey Miller and VP of Research, Kyle Thomas, explain how nonconscious motivations drive consumer behavior. Don’t have an hour right now? Read through the key takeaways or script and come back later for the full presentation.

What You’ll Learn:

What motivates consumers to buy
How to tap into nonconscious decision making
How to leverage psychological trait data

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More about TipTapLabs:

TipTap Lab employs a unique psychology-based approach to help companies establish a deep connection with current and potential customers. Our patent pending tools and scientific methods allow us to identify the true motivations behind consumer behavior. We distill the key attitudes, emotions, psychological traits, and intentions that drive purchasing behavior, providing actionable insight to significantly increase sales.


You can sign-up with and watch the webinar here.  You can watch the video on Vimeo here.  The slideshare slides are here – be sure to follow!

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