See how chocolate got sexy! Classic, simple branding lesson.

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Want to cut through the information clutter?  Does your brand stir emotions?  Is it personal?  Memorable?

Well, here’s how it’s done.  You must see this beautiful presentation for ‘Chocolates together with Attitude’  by Danish firm Bessermachen Design aka

The idea is based on using 12 chocolate flavors depicted as individuals.  Talk about a brand with personality!  Evoke emotion, segmenting your target and use visuals not text.

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Sexy girls and chocolates?  How can you lose?



Don’t have the budget for a full photo shoot with beautiful models?  Here’s another twist using just color.



Or more jazzy – using patterns.

My reptile brain is happy.

Take a second to get inspired.  Visit the links below.

Found the chocolate connoisseur, Konnerup & Co. here – but the chocolate and the creative.  Bummer.  Guess they are limited editions.

This is a link to the creative process. WOW.  Great music, visuals.  Now this is a case study.  Got its own website.

View all the images here:

2011 –

2012 –

2010 –

The design even has it’s own Pinterest!  That’s what I call “creating buzz” alright.

Can’t think of better examples.  What’s your idea?

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