Website credibility? 46% say Design-Look

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Think an outdated website doesn’t affect your business? Better check out the results of this study – How Do People Evaluate a Web Site’s Credibility?.

Even we were surprised to see that 46% of respondents cited DESIGN LOOK as affecting a website’s credibility. Wow. Next closest was Information Design/Structure at 28.5%.

Here’s a link to the study:

Website Credibility Report Link

We also downloaded the study as a PDF as these things sometimes disappear from the web ...

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68 tips – Profitable for a Website

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This is a fantastic article. I could just provide a link … but I fear 404 errors, espesically in the Blog-0-sphere. So credit for and links to the article are provided, but I also inserted the text.

Link from

Article from

Web Design Tips:

  • To increase contact form conversion rates keep the number of fields to 5 or less.
  • Good web design is not just about pretty pictures. It’s also about having a user-centric philosophy.
  • When designing a web ...
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Your site affects 97% of purchase decisions!

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What you’ve always known intuitively is now confirmed by research:  an outdated website is bad for your business. Research shows that 97% of those surveyed indicated a company’s website influenced their purchasing decisions.   Considering that updating your website is easy and inexpensive, why wouldn’t you start now?  Just contact us and we’ll get started right away.

Your website is the most powerful tool in your marketing kit. It is the place people go to learn more about your company and your services.  It ...

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Web development checklist

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  • Gathering of information related to site content
  • Website Name (Domain Name) Research
  • Competition Researched
  • Website Title Chosen
  • Website Host Research
  • Website Host Chosen and Registered $
  • Website Name Chosen
  • Website Name Purchase $
  • Website Structure and Organization Established
  • Link Exchange Researched
  • Link Exchange Page Set Up
  • Articles/Resources Provided/Researched
  • Articles/Resources Chosen
  • Advertising Inclusion Implemented
  • Search Engine Submission Prepared
  • Search Engine Submission Implemented $
  • Review Search Engine Submission Results (1-4 months after public release)


  • Artwork Compiled
  • Logo Designed or Prepared as Digital Art
  • Color Scheme Research and Presented
  • Layout Design Research and Presented
  • Color Scheme Chosen
  • Layout/Design Chosen
  • HTML and
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Web industry jargon

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Learn the language.  You’ll be happier and learn to earn more from your site. We highly recommend Smashing Magazine and all their publications.

From the website, an introduction ..


“There are specialized terms referring to all sorts of aspects of web design. For someone just getting started in web design, or someone looking to have a site designed, all the technical jargon can be overwhelming. Especially the acronyms.

Below is a guide to industry terms that should get you well on your ...

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