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You will be Googled. Job recruiters, College admissions, Girl or Boyfriends, Loan officers, Credit cards companies, even the law – all will Google you. Ignore your online results at your own peril.
– votes it the Best Online Reputation Tool of the decade.

WHY:  When you Google your name do you show up … or someone with the same name?  Horror stories abound.  One of the founders of had a serious problem.  None of the resumes he submitted to prospective employers received replies.  He searched his name online. The first result was an article about a convicted sex offender.  Even worse, none of his positive personal pages appeared.

With over 70% of recruiters using the web for research, you must make sure the recruiter finds positive results for you.  No results, no interview.

“Making a good first impression” is totally redefined.  Often the first impression is now a digital impression.

TAKEAWAY:  Managing your name in search results beats a good resume, good grades or a good work history.  Nothing matters if you are mistaken for someone else.

Here is my profile page:  April Lougheed BrandYourself.

REVIEW:  I started SEO back in 1995.  I recently tried several other Reputation Management programs.  If is a ten, none of the other programs or DIY ranks above a five.

You can start with a free account.  It’s a great opportunity.  You’ll learn much how Search Engines work, and gives you a free profile page.  I signed up for the subscription program.  And Bam – no one but me shows up on Google’s first page.  That’s good for me and my company.’s program is super easy to use.  The usability is excellent.  They walk you through the process step-by-step, using clear explanations throughout.  Rather than surfing through a FAQ page, puts the answers right in context.

They also have visual dials and gauges.  You can see your progress with a quick glance.

MORE INFORMATION, PRESS, AWARDS received many awards.  It’s been featured in several news stories.  For your convenience, here are the links.


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